Fatal Police Shooting. Three Videos Released By Authorities.

Everything from heartbreaking, to grand theft auto. Police show live-action footage with three fatal outcomes across the United States.

These videos were released earlier this month, but the fatal encounters happened last month. It makes you wonder how often these "Mow-downs" by Police happen each day. Policing is an overall challenging and emotional job. Situations can go out of hand. These three men: Anthony Alvarez, Alex Gonzales, and Deshawn Tatum, were killed by the Police. Description and links to videos below. Was it Justified?

1) Anthony Alvarez. March 31, 2021.

On March 31, 2021, Police shot Anthony Alvarez in Little Village, Chicago. It is still unclear why the Police were chasing him. In the video, Anthony stumbled, fell to the ground, kept running with a phone in the left hand and what appears to be a gun in his right hand. Police discharge, hitting him in the lower back, thighs. He dies moments later. The debate is: Why are you running against why do you shoot someone who is running. Anthony Alvarez's family is charging the officer for murder.

2) Alex Gonzales. January 1, 2021.

Earlier this year, police responded to a road rage incident called in by an off-duty police officer. The suspect who was shot and killed was with his wife and infant child in the car. Reports are all over the place. It seems that Alex did not speak English well. Officers resorted to yelling, "Manos Arriba." (3:55) In the video. He paces around the car, ignoring instructions, attempting to calm his wife. Then he is shot ten times, dropping to the floor motionless. Alex's wife, who was in the car, was also shot but not fatally. The infant is alive.

3) Dashawn Tatum. April 1, 2021.

They had justified the use of force. Deshawn has warrants for his arrest. Before this happened, reports say that Deshawn was filming himself with a gun. Police officers were already looking for him. Deshawn attempted to run away, performing what can only be described as "Grand-theft auto" He steals a car. Once the officers caught up to him, they opened fire at the vehicle windows. The courts ruled it justified was because of the outstanding warrants, along with armed car theft.