Floyd Mayweather Rips Jake Paul Apart Over Hat . June 6th Fight Hyped.

"GOT YOUR HAT!" Jake Paul yelled. Was it all for a Tik Tok or a marketing scheme?

There is no way that Jake Paul can defeat legendary Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match. Right? Well, they would both have to step into a ring for that. Jake Paul, Tik Tok star, influencer, and now a boxer, pulled a move on Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather got pretty heated after the interaction.. Crying out "I'll kill you!" in a rage. This might be the biggest free ad marketing scheme in the year of 2021. Watch out how you're gonna bet on this match.

Get The Paperwork

Those eyes scream all sorts of horrible thoughts. A mob hovering over them was the scene right before Jake Paul pulled off his prank. The two go back and forth. Mayweather says, "Let's make it happen." Referring to a boxing match.

In contrast, Jake gestures that he needs to make a phone call to "Old boy," most likely his boxing trainer or manager. To which, Mayweather says, "I am my own boy." That's when Jake pulled off his hat, running away with it. "Got your hat," Jake yells while Mayweather brawls for it.

The Fight

Logan Paul, Jake's brother, who is schedule to fight Mayweather on June 6th, was informed of the news of his brother stealing Mayweather's hat. In the video, he says that if security does a good job, then nothing should have happened. By the end, Logan Paul, and Mayweather were goading each other for their upcoming fight. June 6, 2021, Mayweather promises to lay a beat down on Jake Paul. The fight was heated since not only did it attract a large crowd, but it also caused many spectators shock and awe. Both men had to be pulled away by their security. It looks like Jake got the worst of it because of his torn shirt, baggy pants, and red face. June 6 is the promise of Logan Paul vs. Mayweather fight. Despite this, it was a massive marketing stunt. It worked. Fans are excited so that the tickets will be selling. Less than 24 hours later, Jake Paul had an entire wardrobe ready to sell labeled "Gotchya hat."

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