Social Media Study. Knowing Your Audience.

I will study my audience on social media platforms to gain insight into viewer's attraction and engagement to posts. As clique, as it is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, is in brief what most people want out of life. No one is born with the same resources as others. People are born into different experiences based on their socio-economic background and culture; thus, it is essential to redefine what it means to be successful. Western culture is rooted in the idea of "The American dream" Investopedia defines it as "(Anyone) Regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, they can attain their version of success in a society with upward mobility." Investopedia is a financial website headquartered in New York. The purpose of this study is not to define the "American dream." I chose the topic "American dream." It's a well-known topic that most people already have an opinion. The following aspects are examples of human drives for success: Greed for wealth and material gain is a motivator for many people, especially those who grew up without plenty. Seeking admiration of one's peers or fandom is the bread and butter of the talented. Others envy what they don't have, so they are then motivated to acquire what you have. Pride in one's character surpasses others above one's station. Lastly, but by no means any less significant than the others, is the attribute to do the bare minimum of what they must do. I created several polls on different social media platforms that were open to the public to test which media were responsive to the questions and actively voting on these platforms.

Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn all had polls with the same questions though some platforms had more views than others. Instagram got 133 people to vote, while Tik Tok managed to pull 163 responses. LinkedIn had the fewest views at 42 and only two responses which led to the decision to discard that poll because of inactivity. is to share migrant Hispanic and Latino culture. One question focuses explicitly on that cultural trait. It was not to exclude other ethnicities and races. I had to find out if my audience was already majority Hispanic. To know this, I asked them if they were inside the U.S., whether they were Hispanic or Latino, what their age group was, and whether or not they believed in the American dream. The statistics are down below. I can tell that my audience on Instagram is predominantly Hispanic, and a moderate amount of them live outside the United States, majority of them are also between the ages of 18-46, which puts them in the generation Z and Millennial category (Gen Z: 97-2015 and Millennials: 81-1996). That also isn't surprising because they are more likely to be on social media engaging in posts, polls, surveys, etc. Split right in the middle at fifty-fifty is the idea of the American dream. At first, I thought it was strange since half of those who voted to believe in the American dream when a quarter is not American and live outside the U.S. The American dream is a part of Western culture. Central and South Americans are consumers of Western civilization. At what rate is something I would like to find out.

Tik Tok polls gained a larger American audience while also reaching out to more people. Most people that took the survey live inside the United States. The majority are not Hispanic; for an undetermined reason, out of the polls' 163 views, only one person answered the age question, so it wouldn't be fair to create any assumptions with only one vote. Here the majority of people (64%) believe in the American dream. I know that the majority of people who took the poll on Tik Tok live within the United States, and most are not Hispanic.

These results will vary person by person since the polls resulted from friends, family, and other folks I know, so this was a study on my audience. I appreciate everyone who took the time to answer the poll questions, even more so to those who shared their thoughts with me in the answer question since it was beautiful to read everyone's opinion. A brief introduction study of the audience in social media platforms to gain insight on my viewers. I will be doing another research to further pick at this idea of the "American dream."


Tik Tok: